Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Orchids Forever

A few years ago I created 25 of the candles displayed here. This particular design was created for a bridal shower. Her flowers would be Orchids at the wedding and she loved the idea of having the flowers somehow brought into her bridal shower as well.

One thing that is always the downfall of gel candles is the fact that with time like any candle, you would want to burn it. So doing a quick search on Google you would find forever candles to be pretty popular. Most of the time a forever candle is made with one center area where the wick would be placed so it never burns the scenery around it. For her bridal shower I knew it was important to have the orchid preserved so I decided to create my own idea that would be unique and would not only burn bright and smell great but also have ever lasting life with a switch of the actual candle.

And so the candle with the tea lights came to be.
My car candle and Halloween candle are also examples of my version of forever candles.

For the bridal shower the candle was wrapped in toole fabric with a ribbon with her date and two other tea lights to change out when burned.

Now who said all my candles had to be baby shower related. :)

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