Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hosting a Baby Shower

With so many baby shower ideas out there, it can get a bit difficult to narrow your search down to what exactly to do for you mommy to be. Ideas that might help you in organizing a beautiful and memorable baby shower are:

1. Zero in on a character or theme that might be ideal for the mother.
2. Pick out the colors that you will be using.
3. Decide on the type of entertainment you will be providing. ( This depends on the guest you will be having)
4. Consider the food you'll be offering. A cocktail or brunch type might be less stressful and more affordable.
5. The Cake!!! In a baby shower a cake is always noticed.

You can make this list to your level of details but the above 5 are the most essential.

Celebrating a baby's arrival is one of the most beautiful moments of a woman's life. I would say if far exceeds her wedding preparations. A baby is the gift of life!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cookie Monster Cake

Following the very so cute Elmo Cake we put out last week we have a Cookie Monster Diaper Chair. Here is a fun bit of information about Cookie Monster. "In 1966, Cookie Monster was drawn to appear in a General Foods Commercial that offer crunchy treats. Later became know for he famous phrase "Me Eat Cookie"

Cookie monster is still a favorite in the world of the furry friends. So here is a Cookie Monster Diaper cake arrangement that should be a delight for any Cookie Monster fan.

This is a cute gift for a new born baby boy for a mommy who loves Cookie Monster. The Cookie Monster plush talks when you open him mouth. The diaper arrangement is very classy and perfect for a baby celebration. This Diaper Chair includes: 20 Size 1 Diapers 1 cute talking Cookie Monster Plush 1 blue Receiving Blanket 1 cookie monster baby book 1 wash cloth 1 travel baby lotion

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Elmo Baby Gift

To begin the new year, we decided to post a cute arrangement from an old time favorite from the furry friends clang at Sesame Street. Elmo being an all time favorite of kids in the last twenty years is our main model for this beautiful baby arrangement. Its hard to believe that if you look into the history of Elmo he was a furry puppet who had a hard time making it big in show business.

History has it that Elmo was a simple muppet who sat around the studio in some corner waiting for someone to bring him to life. In the 70s a handful of well know artist did and he day viewed in some shows but never really took as his friends the famous "Cookie Monster" or "Gover". Then in 1984, , Kevin Clash, a talented puppeteer on random picked him up and sure enough brought him to life in what is now our loveable Elmo.
Elmo is 3.5 years old and anyone who has a 3.5 year old knows that this age is ever so cute and fun. They are witty and smart enough to make any growns up laugh at the funny things they say and do.
So with this said our next showcase will be a cute little Elmo Diaper Cake Chair.
This Diaper Chair includes:
20 Size 1 Diapers
1 cute talking Elmo Plush (Laughs and says a few things.. like Elmo is so Giggly)
1 Soft Pink Receiving Blanket
1 Elmo baby booka
1 pair of Baby girl socks
1 Travel Baby Shampoo

The size of the diaper cake chair is:
Length:10 (inches) Width 4.5 (inches) Height 8 (inches)
You can find this and a few others at: