Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Duck Diaper Cake

pink diaper cake

This April I am posting a beautiful pink baby girl diaper cake. This one recently went out to soon to be born cute baby girl. The diaper cake has lots of wonderful things that mommy and baby will need.

This diaper cake will have hidden gifts that will be revealed the moment the cake is taken apart. At the core of the diaper cake, there are 2 burping cloths and about 4 baby hats. Perfectly surrounded by the first layer of diapers and then frosted out with a pink baby girl towel. The second tier has small wash clothes also surrounded by size one Luvs Diapers. That layer is also frosted in a white baby girl towel with a few flowers to bring the cake out.

And at the top stands a cute Easter Duck with bouquet of baby booties and two Lolly pops.
This cake is fully of great baby items.