Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winnie the Pooh and Tiger Too Diaper Cake

My next diaper cake went out to twin baby boys. This cake has Winnie the Pooh and his crazy little friend Tiger. The mother of the little twins would call them Pooh and Roo while she was expecting so the cake was perfect for her.

The cake brings two of all the little things it carries. This time I will just show the image of the items displayed instead of listing them.
This cake is added to my collection of the most common request in the family of the Winnie the Pooh Bunch. It is perfect when the sex is unknown and it can be a perfect gift for either boy or girl, not to mention who does not love pooh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Diaper Cakes Featured on Etsy Blog

In my quest to get my diaper cake blog more exposure I came across a blog that features all the blogs that are Etsy related. I figured I would share this great blog. Its run by Etsians and Etsy Teams and provides you with tricks and tips on how to make your selling on Etsy more successful. I am a fan of Etsy because it provides a place to sell handmade creativity and for my diaper cakes, that is key. If you scroll down, you will see Calidelights :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monkey Safari Diaper Cake

For a safari animal or monkey theme, my next diaper cake is perfect for the occasion. The cake is topped with a cute monkey from their TY Pluffies collection. I prefer the Pluffies Collection because they all have a sense of cuddle cuteness.

This cake was created to resemble close to the safari theme the mother had chosen for the baby nursery. The diaper cake carries the receiving blankets that were on the registry.

Below are the essentials that make up the diaper cake:
2 Gerber Flannel Receiving Blankets
1 Johnson baby shampoo size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby lotion size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby body wash size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby powder 1.5 oz
1 Pacifer
2 small cute Safari stuffed animals
1 Monkey TY Pluffies Plush Toy.
58 Diapers

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bye Bye Diapers

My next small break from diaper cakes takes me to a topic very hot for anyone parents of toddlers. How to say goodbye to those diapers?

A big step in a toddler's life is making that huge leap from diapers to potty. Most parents completely dread the idea of having to go through this time of adjustment. But making it a game with your child can show to be easy as long as you come up with creative ways to have the little one look forward to making this big leap.

There is no magic age to when a child should be potty trained. But most fall in the range of 18 months to 3 years.

Below are a few techniques that have been known to be helpful to say bye bye to the diapers!.

1. For boys a very famous one is drop cheerios into the toilet and have him aim for it. Make sure this technique is full of excitement so that every time he feels the desire he will make sure he doesn't miss a chance to aim at the cheerios.

2. Offer a treat for every time they go in the potty. Rewards will create an reason for them to want to go the next time they feel the need.

3. For parents that are open to the idea, invite the child to the bathroom when they need to and make it a time of the day the both of you can sit there. Even if nothing happens it will start to teach the child that going in the potty is part of growing up.

4. If you child is very regular, make it a commitment to do it at the same time every day just like you would do any other routine.

5. Keep enforcing the difference between being a baby and being a big boy or girl. They are so anxious to grow up that this motivates them.

6. Use any life example to drive the idea through.
An example could be when walking the family dog, explain to the child that doggies go to the bathroom in the lawn, and big boys or girls go in the potty.

7. Have books next to the potty for the child to be entertained. Some kids will create this a habit it will not only become a good tool to help end the diaper era, but also to their reading interest for the future.

8. If accidents occur never yell at them. Just encourage to try harder for the next time.

9. When they have success make a party out of it. Make sure to praise them to an extreme. This will motivate them extremely.

10. When you as a parent have the need to go, announce it and make a noticeable scene of how you are running to the toilet. Every toddler tries so hard to imitate everything they see the parents do that this will be a big incentive to do as well.

11. Never compare a child. Every child will accomplish this sooner or later. So just be patient and saying bye bye to diapers will come soon enough. After all how many grown ups do you know never got potty trained and are still in diapers?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Violet and Garden Diaper Cake

One of my recent requests was for a pal violet and garden theme diaper cake for a baby boy's arrival. The baby's room would be all violet with a touch of garden feel to it. So the person who gave the gift asked me to combine this idea as well.

The diaper cake has a more neutral touch then most of the diaper cakes I have made in the past. And its probably the first garden idea that has been requested. Like always every diaper I make turns out to be it own unique style.

The diaper cake carries: A purple Carter's blanket and Carter's receiving blankert, booties, onesie, hat, and 56 huggies diapers size 1.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cute Foreign Diaper Commerical

I have dedicated this blog completely on diaper cakes. But once in a while I will throw in a funny commercial that brings a smile, or laugh to my day. I post mostly baby and diaper related commercials. This next commercial is no exception to my rule. Check out the foreign baby, mommy, and diaper commercial. I don't actually use this diaper brand for my diaper cakes since they are foreign but it was too cute to pass up. I hope you enjoy the funny video!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Floral Arrangements or Diaper Cakes

A big reason to why diaper cakes are such a perfect idea to offer as a gift for a baby’s arrival is the idea that the diaper cakes qualifies as a perfect gift for anyone wanting decor as well as exceptional usage. One of the most popular gifts known to be delivered to hospital beds to new mommies are beautiful floral arrangements. But imagine giving that mommy something that will be beautiful and useful even after its time comes to be taken apart. A floral arrangement has a life span of about a week maybe 2 if taken with diligent care. But a diaper cake will be used even after the cake has served its decoration purpose.

At a baby shower where I made a Winnie the Pooh diaper cake, an elderly woman asked me if I knew the origin of the diaper cakes. I had to sadly say I didn’t, although I did know that in the recent years it seems they are becoming a lot more popular. The elderly women who probably was close to her mid 80s told me that when she was a little girl she would watch her mother sow beautiful designs on fabrics that would turn into cloth diaper and were then given as gifts to expecting mothers. She would spend days producing a dozen or so of them and then with ribbons and bows she would make an arrangement made of those diapers. She added that back in her days, there was no concept of disposable items, so the gift would was more the thought that went into the gift.

Whether this story has anything to do with the origin of the diaper cakes or not, remains to be discovered but it was a beautiful story and thought I would share. Every diaper cake I make gives me joy because not any two are alike. It keeps me enjoying all the tiny cute things available for babies even after my daughter is passed her infant stage.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Diaper Cake

This Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake is a unique cake all on its own. This cake's center is mostly made of up of items taken right of the mommy's registry. The center of the cake contains a Winnie the Pooh baby blanket and towel. Also in the middle is a baby pillow perfect to decorate the baby's room, and a Pooh rattle perfect to be the baby's first toy. Around the outside of the cake, diapers are decorated with beautiful ribbons and flowers to make it the perfect decor.

The diaper cake is topped with all baby essentials and toys that complete the perfect gift. What I find so unique of this cake is that presentation is not effected by the amount of items that it brings. Mom will find it to be a great surprise when its time to break the diaper cake apart.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just another funny diaper commerical

I figured today I would have another pause from diaper cakes and show another baby and diaper commercial that can bring you a laugh or at least a smile. Hope you enjoy just another Huggies Diaper Commercial.

Huggies Geyser - Funny video clips are a click away

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Piggy Pink Diaper Cake

This diaper cake came out perfectly adorable. Its a perfectly decorated all pink for a baby girl's arrival. This diapercake can be perfect for any mother who love cute pigs and loves soft pink. Like most of the cakes we make, its is put together with lots of care and detail. The ingredients in this diaper cake are:
1 Carter's Receiving blankets
1 Johnson baby shampoo size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby lotion size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby body wash size 1.5 oz
1 Gunds Plush Toy 52 Diapers size 1-2

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Winne the Pooh Diaper Cake

Not surprisingly, Winnie the pooh seems to be a favorite among most of my requests.
Seems the cuddly bear is loved much by everyone. This next diaper cake was specifically designed with the thought of a Winnie the Pooh Theme. Decorated in a frosted style, this baby shower diaper cake was put together with the receiving blankets the mother chose in her registry. Topped with our lovable Winnie the Pooh this cake was beautiful and a delight to build.

Winnie the Pooh diapercake includes:
50 Diapers
2 Receiving blankets
1 Johnson baby shampoo size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby lotion size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby body wash size 1.5 oz
2 baby wash clothes
1 Winnie the Pooh Plush toy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Huggies Diaper Commercial - Too Cute!

What goes better on a diaper cake and baby shower blog then a cute commercial of babys and diapers to brighten your day. Hope you find it as cute as I did.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cookie Monster Diaper Cake on Etsy

Since one of my most popular diaper cakes has Cookie Monster of my Sesame Pal Collection, I have decided to put one on for anyone who is interested. This is a copy of one I originally had on my blog a few months ago.

The cake holds:
56 diapers,
1 pair blue booties
1 Johnson baby shampoo size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby lotion size 1.5 oz
1 baby powder size 1.5 oz
1 blue plush Cookie Monster toy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Babymoon – Perfect Gift

Anyone with children will know for a fact that being pregnant is the last opportunity for some rest and relaxation with your love one. Diapers, bottles, washcloths, blankets, and lots of sleepless nights are all in the near horizon. So why not take the opportunity and take one last honeymoon. In the last few years a great popular gift for new parents has been babymoons. So to add to my collection of beautiful gifts to offer mom to be I decided to add some facts on babymoons.

  • A baby moon is simply the next opportunity for a honeymoon before the baby. It’s that one last celebration of doing some alone time and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Before considering the big all out celebration, talk it over with your doctor to make sure the mother’s and soon to be baby’s condition are ok to travel. High-risk pregnancies might have restrictions of the type of baby moons that can be considered.
  • The best time to get away during the pregnancy would be the second trimester or also known as the honeymoon trimester. Reason for the name is because the mother is past the first 3 months of morning sickness and it’s before the last trimester where most of weight discomfort sets in. Most women find a lot of energy around this time.
  • A baby moon can be taken anywhere. Budgets and places are all up to each individual couple. Again taking into consideration your personal limits on what can be done, it can be a great time to get away.

For the mom who loves traveling, a baby moon adventure would be the perfect gift.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008, Media Leader in the Baby World has a great ability to reach 78 percent of the populations in the parenting world. Most women probably don't know the site exists before they are pregnant. But the company has proven to have a keen targeting strategy by reaching over 75% of the community of pregnant mothers. Not only are they proving to capture the market but they also manage to keep their audience with great success in delivering diverse information for all stages of parenting. Overall, if your in the baby world I am sure you know of the site. If not, I just pointed you to it!!

Here is a small video I find informative.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ducky in Soap Suds Diaper Cake

Ducks have always been a huge symbol in the baby world. Maybe it all comes from the entertainment industry capturing us all with Ernie and his Rubber Ducky. Or maybe it could have been Daffy Duck that brought us to all love ducks. The truth behind it all is that almost all babies have at least one rubber ducky in their great collection of toys.

So for one of the most common requests I display here my 1 tier duck in suds diaper cake.
This little diaper cake goes with my collection of the small diaper cakes perfect for any need to give the perfect little gift.
The diaper cakes looks beautiful in sun light because of the white bed of suds all around the mommy duck and baby duck.

A gift that would definitely catch eyes and hearts of those who see it.

This diaper cakes has the following essentials:
20 diapers, 2 Rubber ducks, 3 wash cloths, 1 baby powder size(1.5oz), 1 baby shampoo size (1.5oz), 1 baby lotion size (1.5 oz) .

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cookie Monster Diaper Cake

One of my recent cakes gave me the privilege to use my favorite character from when I was a kid.
This next cake is a wonderful gift for someone who is Cookie Monster Crazy. With a touch of delicate baby blue decor the cake is wonderful for a center piece at any boy baby shower. Of the many characters I make I have noticed this one is the one most people love to see. Seems Cookie monster is every one's lovable buddy. Comments on a diaper cake I had done a few months back were all related to how cute cookie monster was along with his other two buddies. The picture of that particular one is found on the right rail of my blog. Its the one with Elmo on a floater at the top.

Details on the cookie monster diaper cake are:
One pair of booties
58 1 size diapers
One Plush Cookie Monster
baby powder size(1.5oz)
Shampoo (1.5oz)
Lotion (1.5oz)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Gifts for Mom-to-be

Diaper Cakes are always wonderful gifts to help mom-to-be prepare with those first few days with her tiny one. But most of the time family and friends drown the baby’s parents with all the great things a baby needs. But what if someone wanted to give a gift for the mom to enjoy?

Here are a few ideas for baby shower gifts that would be great for mom.

Spa Day – A gift certificate for a great massage or facial. Pregnancy can really have a toll on the body and face.

Majamas - Buy her a pretty gown or pajama for the hospital so she can look radiant after the baby’s delivery.

Diary - For mom who loves memorabilia, give her a calendar, journal, or diary to keep track of all those little kicks and hiccups she is experiencing. Years from now she will enjoy her thoughts and emotions.

Books - For the book worm, give her all types of books she can read and prepare herself for her big arrival.

Gift Certificate to a hair salon can be an excellent choice for a gift. When hormones kick into high gear, a pregnant women’s hair grows a lot faster then normal. And since chemical treatment is out of the question, the mom-to-be might find her self with an urgent need to do something to feel pretty. This could be a great gift for women who loves having their hair flawless at all times.

For the last months before the baby’s arrival, it gets difficult to keep up with chores. Maid Service from a reputable source can be a gift from heaven.

For the husbands, give her a great date. Take her for a nice dinner. Take advantage of the time alone you have. We all know after the baby there will be fewer chances to romance. If it’s your second, then you know this is a must do, since it will now be double duty with baby number two.

Family tree - There are these beautiful tree like decorations that you can put pictures of your family. Great way to display your family tree.

Trainer or gym membership - If the mom-to-be is into staying fit and seems to be on the down low in the last few days of her pregnancy because she feels she has lost control of her body, remind her she is beautiful and give her a gift of a personal trainer or the gym. This will help her stay motivated and she will know she has the help to be back into her jeans in 6 months.

Love - The one thing that would be the best gift for all moms-to-be is the support, help, consideration, and love from all the people that love her. Understand her mood swings, her forgetful ways due to the pregnancy, her clumsiness, and food cravings. Help with the baby’s arrives, especially for new moms, it can be completely overbearing. Encourage her to stay positive and cherish the moment.

Obviously from my blog, my area of passion is babies and diaper cakes. But moms-to-be sometimes need a little Rest and Relaxation too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Small Diaper Cake - 1 Tier

A perfect way to show your co-worker your appreciation for their baby's homecoming would be a perfect 1 tier diaper cake. There are 4 sizes offered, cupcakes, small cakes, 2 tier diaper cakes, and large diaper cakes for anything bigger then a 2 tier.

The small "1 tier diaper cakes" tend to be very popular because many times you just want a little something to give just about anyone. Nice big size diaper cakes are usually the hits at baby showers, but what if you just want to show your co-worker a gesture at the office, or you are going to go see someone at the hospital and you have already given them everything at the baby shower? Well diapers are a huge necessity and would never be of waste.

This cute Koala Diaper Cake was created to add to my collection to sell on but I ended up getting an order and the person considered it perfect for the occasion.

This small diaper cake "1 tier diaper cake" is made up of all the following essentials:
18 diapers, 1 (4oz) bottle, 2 wash cloths, 1 baby powder size(1.5oz), and 1 Carter's Koala Plush toy.

What is perfect also is no 2 are ever alike!
So you can always be sure of a unique gift.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Diaper Cake on Etsy

On the 10th month anniversary of this blog I have decided to put my first diaper cake for sale on I started building diaper cakes about 3 years ago when I was expecting my little girl. I was looking online for cute ideas to decorate her room and there in the middle of my search I came to discovery the famous diaper cakes.

My first diaper cake was built for a gift I had for a girl that was due only a month after I was and now looking back, that diaper cake was the true test drive to what later became a passion.

These days I love making them and they have truly been successful and loved by every expecting mother that has received one. Most of my requests have been local by word of mouth.

So I decided that it was time to start a new era in my quest to see where my passion for building diaper cakes can go.

So to see my latest creation go to

This cute diaper cake is the perfect gift to give a co-worker or friend. The Carter doggy sits so perfect making this cake adorable to even use as a table center piece.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Both Gender Diaper Cake

This next diaper cake I made it thinking it was not going to stand out as much as the others I have done but in the end I fell in love with it. I have not really made too many diaper cakes that are both genders in case the sex of the baby is not known. Most requests have been on either blue for boy or pink for a baby girl.

This diaper cake is very delicate in its look. Here are all the items it holds:
froggy stuffed toy, diaper rash cream, baby rattle, 2 pairs of baby socks, 2 baby wash clothes, a pair of bunny booties, baby shampoo and 52 diapers.

The cake is just perfectly pleasant to look at.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cars Diaper Cake

So every mother of a toddler knows that the little ones go through fazes of favorite movies. Well the last few months my 2.5 year old daughter has been all about Cars, the Movie. She knows all the cute characters by name: Sally, Mater, Lightning Mcqueen, Luigi, and Doc Hudson.

So needing an inspiration for my new diaper cake that would be a gift for a soon to be baby boy. I made a ever so cute Lightning MacQueen Diaper Cake. I blew up the face of the car because that is what makes the diaper cake so darn cute!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Curiously Cute Diaper Cake

I decided to showcase my Curious George diaper cake next on my blog. This cake was done for a co-worker and her baby shower. The theme was all sports and since she was expecting a boy, what better way to celebrate then to dress up our favorite monkey of all time.

This diaper cake has been one of the bigger cakes I have done. This diaper cake had lots of great goodies not to mention a cute little alfit that is hidden in the middle of the cake inside a thermos that can be used later to store the baby's milk.

Along with it are: 2 bottles, a baby hat, 2 onesies, a little alfit, baby essentials, Curious George stuffed toy, blue brush and comb, toy monkey rattle, pair of football sneakers size 1, 2 pacifiers, two wash clothes, and 2 pairs of socks. Along with all the great baby accessories, are the sports balls that make the cake just so sporty!!!

Too Curiously Cute!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - Sharing knowledge and experiences.

Creating this blog has given me avenues to many people in the baby and mommy networks of the Internet. There is always so much to learn and read about babies and related subjects. A mother-to-be's desire to completely understand her pregnancy, a young inexperienced couple coping with an infant, or parents just trying to survive those glorious toddler years. Every one of those times comes with alot of questions and concerns. Or even planing gifts and celebrations for mommy and baby can be daunting.

I have found that lots of things you need to know can often be answered by your own peers who managed to make it every step of the way. Through networking I came across a website that gives every parent the ability to post questions, ideas and even comments on all baby related subjects. The idea of different people supplying opinions and ideas seems a great way to help others.

For more information go to
Or if you are a mom and would love to give input or ideas to others that might make great use of it, just add a little of yourself to the site to make it a useful network for all of us.

Good luck in baby learning!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Winne the Pooh Diaper Cake 2

Last month I made a beautiful Winne the Pooh Diaper Cake. This Cake is a bit different since its special touch is its beautiful yellow frosting made of a cute little blanket perfect for the new baby.

The Winnie the pooh that sits right in the center of the cake makes this cake just to cute for any Winne the Pooh lover.

This Diaper cake can be for either a baby boy or a girl. This particular one was for a baby girl which is the reason for the extra pink flowers that are added for the final touch.

The added ingredients are all the essentials needed for the new bundle of joy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Break on Diaper cakes to Sesame Street Park

By now it's clear in this blog that my interests are mainly in the area of cute and cuddly things. I think my love to making my diaper cakes is because I can always come up with cute ideas to put something together with all my childhood favorites in mind.

I decided I would blog about a theme park that is not that well known. Or at least not as known as Disney World or other theme parks. Sesame Street actually has a park located in Philadelphia that would help bring to life all of those favorite characters your child loves to see. Not to mention the drive down memory lane that could happen to you if you let it happen.

The park has lots of fun for the little ones. It is mostly geared to the age bracket that would enjoy Sesame Street to it fullest but its not to say a person young at heart wont also love it.
Some of the wonderful attractions are, but not limited to: Peek-A-Bug, Blast Off, and Flyin Fish in Elmo's World. Adding to the attractions, you have Vapor Trail which is consider a perfect roller coaster to introduce your little ones to the world of flips and falls.

On the water end of the fun, you have over ten different attractions that would give you a splash of a time. You have Bert and Ernie's Slip and Slides and Teeny Tiny Water Waves.

All day you also have the chance to meet your Sesame Street buddies in person.
I get excited just writing about it. But again, I am a child at heart. My daughter is the perfect excuse to feel that age again.

For complete information on the park's attractions, dates and rates. You can go to their web site.

Remember I only brushed on a few things in this blog.
Hope this helps someone have a family vacation soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sports Theme Diaper Cake

My most recent request was for a very unique idea. So I came up with a perfectly unique diaper cake for someone who was looking for a gift to a mother that was having a boy. Her only two requests were for it to be unique and sporty.

This gave me the opportunity to create the diaper cake mobile. This adorable cake has a cute little bird perched up at the top of the umbrella mobile. Hanging from the mobile are a football, tennis ball, basketball, and soccer ball. A baseball and a golf ball were used to finish the decoration at the surface of the diaper cake. Along with it are all the essential lotions needed to take care of the baby. 18 diapers make the surface of the mobile. This can be consider a one tier cake.

The cutest thing of this cake is how the sporty balls move with a slight breeze and it's perfect resemblance to a real crib mobile. After this sporty diaper cake's day view, I have been asked to make a few more similar but with different themes that I will post later.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

March of Dimes Walk for Babies

Every year I look forward to participating in the March of Dimes Walk America event. This year they changed the name to March for Babies to better fit the name to the reason. You might ask, why walk? The reason is clear, every year half a million babies and families are put in the situation of having to deal with the heart drenching reality that they might loose their new little love one because of a premature birth, lack of knowledge, and lack of medical assistance.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the pregnancies that seem to have complications; it could be the healthiest of them all. In one sudden moment you can find yourself delivering at 26 weeks and you don’t know why. You ate well, no pain, you kept your health up to speed, you had a child previous and it was perfectly healthy, so why this? Answer is simple; it can happen to anyone at any given moment. Would you not love to know that science and medicine would be ready to help you in this time of need? I walk because I was fortunate to have a full term pregnancy but if I would have another baby and I found myself in this situation I would want to know there is hope. March of Dimes offers that hope to so many families.

The walk is a 6 mile walk and it can be a challenge for most of us, but its self-fulfilling and its for a great cause.

Below is a video that will better explain what its all about. I am sure there is a walk near you. For more information go to :

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kids in Distress - Fun Duck Durby Event

Taking a break from my normal diaper cake blogs, I wanted to share this wonderful event that happens every year around this time. Duck Durby was set up to raise money for “Kids in Distress” a nonprofit organization that helps abused and neglected children. This year was its second time being held here in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I believe there are a few of these events held around the country.

The event is mainly about launching 20,000 rubber duckys in the water and watching them race to the finish line on the other side of the river. The first six ducks that make it win great prizes. This year JM Family Enterprises who also presented the event, donated a Scion Car. Other prizes were, HP laptop, 2 lower level tickets to US Tennis Open, $1,000 IKEA shopping spree, 1 week in Orlando, and Kilwin’s gift basket. So you can help sponsor this great cause by adopting a cute little duck and wait to see if yours is the lucky little bugger to make it to the other side first.

For the kids it’s a wonderful event, they have bounce houses of all kinds, and Mr. Ducky mascot is there to greet and take pictures with everyone. At the end of the day if you don’t leave with a prize, you at least can leave with a wonderful day out with the family and the thought that you helped a great cause.

So just thought I would let everyone know in case there is anyone that lives close by and is interested in doing something fun with the family while helping out those little ones in need. You might have missed it this year but there is always 2009! Next year I will definitely go again and I will drop a reminder in my blog.

Sun Sentinel Video:
News Video
Kids in Distress Video

Event in other areas:

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Best Diapers Out There

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!!! So many brands out there but what is really good to purchase when you are starting out? Diapers are one of those items that are really up to one's own experience and opinions to which brand is best suited for your budget and baby. Without denying the fact that you have your real good quality diapers and you have your not so good quality diapers, it’s also wise to understand that sometimes you can find excellent quality and not have to pay the high prices.

So I dedicate this blog entry to providing a link to a widget found on the Internet that provides current updates on how diapers are rated by users.

Hope this is helpful to all new moms that might want to have a starting block. I personally believe in trying them all out and seeing which is the best one suited for you and you baby. After trying a numerous amount of diapers I decided on my 3 favorites. Good luck finding your favorite.