Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daddy and Diapers!

I came across this video a few months ago so I am sure it might be familiar to a few readers. But for those that have never seen it, I thought it was a cute little video to give you a laugh.

The question is, do daddy's just use the smell and gross event as an excuse to not change dirty diapers, or are they really so repulsed by the whole event.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ducky Wonder Diaper Cake

With the Holidays, and all the other events in my life I realized I have been a bit behind on posting my diaper cakes. The end of 08 and the beginning of 09 have been eventful and hopes for alot to come in 2009 is driving people. With all the worries and issue going on I still find comfort in building my beautiful cakes.

So to start off the year I am going to post one of my most recent diaper cakes. I call it Ducky Wonder. Its a beautiful duck diaper cake perfect to carry all the bath accessories. Yellow makes it the perfect both gender splendor!!!

Items are:
Mommy Duck at the top of the diaper cake
Two baby ducks to decorated the sides.
Balmex diaper rash cream
Two wash clothes
One travel shampoo bottle
45 Diapers

Have a wonderful year!!