Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Winne the Pooh Diaper Cake

Not surprisingly, Winnie the pooh seems to be a favorite among most of my requests.
Seems the cuddly bear is loved much by everyone. This next diaper cake was specifically designed with the thought of a Winnie the Pooh Theme. Decorated in a frosted style, this baby shower diaper cake was put together with the receiving blankets the mother chose in her registry. Topped with our lovable Winnie the Pooh this cake was beautiful and a delight to build.

Winnie the Pooh diapercake includes:
50 Diapers
2 Receiving blankets
1 Johnson baby shampoo size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby lotion size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby body wash size 1.5 oz
2 baby wash clothes
1 Winnie the Pooh Plush toy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Huggies Diaper Commercial - Too Cute!

What goes better on a diaper cake and baby shower blog then a cute commercial of babys and diapers to brighten your day. Hope you find it as cute as I did.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cookie Monster Diaper Cake on Etsy

Since one of my most popular diaper cakes has Cookie Monster of my Sesame Pal Collection, I have decided to put one on for anyone who is interested. This is a copy of one I originally had on my blog a few months ago.

The cake holds:
56 diapers,
1 pair blue booties
1 Johnson baby shampoo size 1.5 oz
1 Johnson baby lotion size 1.5 oz
1 baby powder size 1.5 oz
1 blue plush Cookie Monster toy.