Tuesday, February 12, 2008

March of Dimes Walk for Babies

Every year I look forward to participating in the March of Dimes Walk America event. This year they changed the name to March for Babies to better fit the name to the reason. You might ask, why walk? The reason is clear, every year half a million babies and families are put in the situation of having to deal with the heart drenching reality that they might loose their new little love one because of a premature birth, lack of knowledge, and lack of medical assistance.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the pregnancies that seem to have complications; it could be the healthiest of them all. In one sudden moment you can find yourself delivering at 26 weeks and you don’t know why. You ate well, no pain, you kept your health up to speed, you had a child previous and it was perfectly healthy, so why this? Answer is simple; it can happen to anyone at any given moment. Would you not love to know that science and medicine would be ready to help you in this time of need? I walk because I was fortunate to have a full term pregnancy but if I would have another baby and I found myself in this situation I would want to know there is hope. March of Dimes offers that hope to so many families.

The walk is a 6 mile walk and it can be a challenge for most of us, but its self-fulfilling and its for a great cause.

Below is a video that will better explain what its all about. I am sure there is a walk near you. For more information go to : http://www.marchforbabies.org/

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kids in Distress - Fun Duck Durby Event

Taking a break from my normal diaper cake blogs, I wanted to share this wonderful event that happens every year around this time. Duck Durby was set up to raise money for “Kids in Distress” a nonprofit organization that helps abused and neglected children. This year was its second time being held here in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I believe there are a few of these events held around the country.

The event is mainly about launching 20,000 rubber duckys in the water and watching them race to the finish line on the other side of the river. The first six ducks that make it win great prizes. This year JM Family Enterprises who also presented the event, donated a Scion Car. Other prizes were, HP laptop, 2 lower level tickets to US Tennis Open, $1,000 IKEA shopping spree, 1 week in Orlando, and Kilwin’s gift basket. So you can help sponsor this great cause by adopting a cute little duck and wait to see if yours is the lucky little bugger to make it to the other side first.

For the kids it’s a wonderful event, they have bounce houses of all kinds, and Mr. Ducky mascot is there to greet and take pictures with everyone. At the end of the day if you don’t leave with a prize, you at least can leave with a wonderful day out with the family and the thought that you helped a great cause.

So just thought I would let everyone know in case there is anyone that lives close by and is interested in doing something fun with the family while helping out those little ones in need. You might have missed it this year but there is always 2009! Next year I will definitely go again and I will drop a reminder in my blog.

Sun Sentinel Video:
News Video
Kids in Distress Video

Event in other areas: