Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moms are part of the miracle.

The blessing of becoming pregnant and being a mommy is one of a woman's most memorial moments in life. 9 months of preparations and dreams of what it will be like when the baby is born. Often you never hear on how fast your body image takes a surprising hit when you look in the mirror after you have giving birth to your precious little one and you realize your body has completely changed. Women become determine to do what ever it takes to get the body they loved to see when they faced the mirror.

Alot of the time we forget that it took our bodies 9 months to get to where it did to deliver that baby. Should it not be fair to say your body would need about the same time to get back to being itself.

The 5 rules to follow when you are in the first year after having your baby are:
  • Be patient and kind to yourself. Remember the miracle you accomplished.
  • Eat a healthy diet. You body needs nutrients to replenish itself of the hard work.
  • Exercise routinely. Make is not just a chore but a healthy habit
  • Be positive and remember you have a whole year to cut your body some slack.
  • Treat yourself to things that make you feel beautiful. Facials, pedicures, massages overall help you love your body and want to continue the journey to bring it to what it once was.

Another idea moms might want to try is to continue the routine of lotioning the tummy and thigh areas as done while pregnant. A good toning and firming lotion will help your skin regain the collagen and elasticity it needs to regain its firmness.

Moms Gift My personal favorite while pregnant was Nuby Natural Touch cream. Nuby’s Stretch Mark Cream helps prevent and reduce stretch marks with a special combination of Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, and Elastin. It comes in three different formulas, Cocoa Butter,Brazil Nut, andVitamin E

I also used Mary Kay's Firming Timewise Body Firming lotion. TimeWise Body Toning Lotion contains a powerful mix of ingredients including botanical and antioxidants formulated to help moisturize and redefine body contours by toning.

With a baby comes showers of baby gifts. Sometimes moms need to remember themselves as well.
After all the one year journey was not only the baby's.

For more information on the each product go to the websites provided.
If you would like to offer this as a gift to a soon mom-to-be we also offer baby gift arrangements that bring gift such as these for mom.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diaper Chair

I recently have been getting emails with questions on the dimensions of our diaper chairs. Sometimes is hard to visualize what a gift arrangement will actually look like and the size it will be when you are purchasing on the internet.

For our diaper chairs we run two different sizes. It all depends on what type of gift you are thinking of offering.

The more common size for the diaper chairs is
Length:10 (inches) Width 4.5 (inches) Height 8 (inches)

This size is perfect if you are looking for a gift to take to the hospital the day the baby is born.These are also used as displays at baby showers.The most popular reason I have found is for an office friend who is having a baby.

If you are looking for a bigger size comparable to a 2 or 3 tier diaper cake then you might be interested in going with the bigger size we make that is Length:12 (inches) Width 6 (inches) Height 12 (inches). These would be more popular for baby shower centerpieces.

The diaper chair is a very unique style in the diaper cake world.

All our diaper chairs bring a cute little plush to top off the cuteness.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cute Baby Gift

Baby Gift
About 80% of parents these days decide on knowing the gender of their unborn baby. With today's technology, the idea of going through the 40 weeks of waiting and not knowing doesn't seem popular among the majority of the population. But recently more and more parents are deciding in waiting and getting their surprise the day of the baby's birth.

The majority of times I create baby gift arrangements gearing toward one specific sex. We offer pink and pretty for baby girls. Or blue and adorable for baby boys. Both color themes are among the favorites in popularity standards.

This diaper cake chair has a yellow and green color theme that is perfect way to show your appreciation to your loves ones on their new family arrival.

The baby gift arrangement comes with the following items:

16 size(1) Luvs
1 receiving blanket
1 small plush frog
1 newborn onesie
1 pair of Disney Baby Booties

Monday, June 13, 2011

Diaper Cake Guinea Pig

TY latest line of adorable plushes brings you the Ballz. They are cute plush that are all shaped as balls. The next diaper cake chair I am displaying comes with "Speedy" of the Ty Beanie Ballz collection. Let the picture speak for its self on how adorable he is.

This diaper cake chair is perfect for the arrival of a baby girl. Speedy Guinea Pig sits tall displaying Disney baby girl booties and on large flower made of soft baby sponge. The structure of this beautiful gift is made of 16 size one Luvs diapers and one receiving blanket.

One of the things I love of the Ty Ballz is they each come with their own poem giving them a sense of uniqueness to each cuddly friend.

Speedy's Poem is on his tag and is as follows:
You'll only see a blur as I race on by No one can catch me So don't even try !

This would make a perfect gift for a hospital visit, a co-worker having a baby, a baby shower centerpiece, or a home visit to see a friend and her little one.

Friday, June 3, 2011

babyshower keepsakes

A beautiful baby shower favor not many think of or consider are gel candles. A gorgeous display of beautiful art suspended in water like substance preserved forever is how I would describe a gel candle's beauty.

A few years ago I had a few order of these favors. I realized the market seemed small but only because not many people really know about them. A gel andle can easily blend itself to a babyshower keepsake. Placed under a cabinet with light these keepsakes are gorgeous to look at. Here is a picture of one candle we did for a babyshower that was butterfly theme.