Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diaper Cake Carousel

It has been a while since I posted some of our wonderful work.  Sorry for leaving my blog so abandoned.

Diaper cake making can be an art category all on its own.  A quick search for diaper cakes and you find so many creative ways to offer a gift to someone you care for.  If you have followed my blog for the last 5 or more years you know I do this to exercise my creative skills and every diaper cake becomes my special piece. 

In fact that brings me to a nightmare store I had at the beginning of my diaper cake days.  I had created this beautiful piece for a friend to whom I had been invited to her baby shower.   The host of the baby shower had done a beautiful job in decorating the room for the mommy, but when the party was over I stayed behind to help pick up.  I witnessed her dragging everything from the table into a plastic bag for the mom-to-be to look over later.  In the middle of that she dragged my cake right in. 

This was one of my first ones I had done and was completely distraught to see what she had done.  I went home thinking of the passion I put into making that piece and how her delicacy her friend had shown shoving it in a plastic bag.  Lets just say I was extremely sadden.

This episode turned out ok because I later got a phone call from the mommy telling me her cake was simply adorable and that she loved it.  I asked her if it was ok because I had seen it all mashed in a plastic bag.  She said it was perfect.  I realized my diaper cakes were pretty stable after that episode.

Here is cute diaper cake carousel completely unique in all its form.  This diaper cake carousel is made with the following:

1 cute frog plush baby rattle
1 receiving blanket
4 cute wall decorations
16 Luvs diapers

Diaper cake carousels are very rare to see but adorable to offer as gift.

Happy Babying!!! :)