Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Diaper Bassinet

The other night I created my new version of the bassinet diaper cakes. In December of 2007 I came out with one version of diaper bassinets. It took a while before I started to receive inquiries on the cute arrangement.

Now knowing that I found the niche I was looking for that made my diaper cakes my own, I decided to start offering the diaper cake bassinets again. This cute baby arrangement looks very much like a real baby bassinet. It is made of diapers but the art behind making them still holds to be their presentation.

diaper cake bassinetsThe baby diaper bassinet displayed here is for a baby girl.
The diaper cake has 15 size 1 Luvs diapers, 1 receiving blanket, 1 newborn hat, 1 Angel Dear Sheep Plush, and 1 traveling size baby Johnson and Johnson Shampoo.

This baby diaper bassinet and a few more baby arrangements will be available on Etsy.com

Happy Babying!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diaper Cake Chair

I am displaying one of my original diaper chairs again since they have been well liked. These are unique in every way. You can find hundreds of diaper cakes these days but not many diaper cake chairs.

Mommy Delights came up with the diaper cake chair design when thinking of ways to better present and display a gift arrangement. Not only have it be useful for the mommy, but make it a piece that would be a joy to present as a gift arrangement. The idea was first to set a stage sort of design where all the baby essentials that went with the cake would present themselves in an adorable way. The cute stuffed animals always dress the chair up making it a perfect baby gift arrangement. Most diaper cakes now a days have become generic cookie cutter designs. Some don't even bring baby products anymore. We dedicate the time to merge design and essential needs to our diaper cakes.

Here is our very first generation of our beautiful diaper cake chairs that were showcased on October of 2007

diaper cake chair

Below is one of our latest displays:

Diaper Cake Chair
Come back in a few days and check out our baby bassinets that will be coming soon. What makes them so unique is the fact that they look so so real.
We will also be launching our site finally in the spring of 2011. Please keep checking back on this blog for more information if you are a follower.

If you are interested in this diaper cakes chair or any other diaper cake baby arrangement, visit us at our etsy store

MommysDelights strives to bring unique design to your baby gift arrangements.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Onesie Gift Arrangement

A baby shower with tea time in mind would be the perfect place for my next little baby gift arrangements. This idea came from a baby shower I attended a few months ago. The friend that was offering the celebration to the mommy, set up a perfect display of a sunny afternoon with close friends and served desserts and Tea or coffee for preference. I had to come up with an idea to help her out with the decor. So from there came the idea of the onesie dessert plates.

baby gift

Just like our very unique diaper chairs, these pieces are created all to be unique and cute. Diaper cakes are found very easily on a Google search, but what we try to do to stand out is consider the art behind every baby gift arrangement we create. Also keeping in mind what mommy needs for the baby.

The onesie plate gift arrangement comes with two newborn onesies as dessert delights, one small traveling shampoo bottle, one small reusable dessert plate, and one cute turtle showcasing the baby centerpiece.