Monday, January 4, 2016

Snoopy Baby Gift

With the Peanuts Movie coming out last November, Generation X got to enjoy their favorite characters on the big screen.  And with all characters we grew to love, Snoopy always was the little beagle dog that seem to steal everyone's hearts.

There is no wonder the baby arrangements of choice right now have been our Snoopy diaper arrangement.  Our Baby Arrangements always focus on bringing a presentation of cuteness to every gift offered.

Below is one of our Snoopy Diaper Arrangement from our Diaper Chair Collection.

Snoopy Diaper Cake

This beautiful arrangement has the following assortments:

16 size one Diapers
1 sporty soft baby receiving blanket
1 small Snoopy Plush
1 cute pair of size two baby water shoes

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