Monday, August 18, 2008

Babymoon – Perfect Gift

Anyone with children will know for a fact that being pregnant is the last opportunity for some rest and relaxation with your love one. Diapers, bottles, washcloths, blankets, and lots of sleepless nights are all in the near horizon. So why not take the opportunity and take one last honeymoon. In the last few years a great popular gift for new parents has been babymoons. So to add to my collection of beautiful gifts to offer mom to be I decided to add some facts on babymoons.

  • A baby moon is simply the next opportunity for a honeymoon before the baby. It’s that one last celebration of doing some alone time and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Before considering the big all out celebration, talk it over with your doctor to make sure the mother’s and soon to be baby’s condition are ok to travel. High-risk pregnancies might have restrictions of the type of baby moons that can be considered.
  • The best time to get away during the pregnancy would be the second trimester or also known as the honeymoon trimester. Reason for the name is because the mother is past the first 3 months of morning sickness and it’s before the last trimester where most of weight discomfort sets in. Most women find a lot of energy around this time.
  • A baby moon can be taken anywhere. Budgets and places are all up to each individual couple. Again taking into consideration your personal limits on what can be done, it can be a great time to get away.

For the mom who loves traveling, a baby moon adventure would be the perfect gift.