Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tweety Diaper Cake

This was my latest beauty. An adorable Tweety Diaper Cake. This cake was very special. It was built with a complete Warner Brothers Theme of Tweety and Bugs Bunny.

The diaper cake carries tons of goodies for the baby and mommy.

Ingrediants are as follows.

One bag of Size one Diapers
1 Plush Tweety Bird
1 Soft Tweety and Bugs Bunny Blanket
1 Receiving Blanket
8 baby cloth wipes
2 Pairs of socks
1 bib
1 onesie
1 Tweety Baby rattle
1 Pair of Size one baby shoes

And Lots of love making it.

I wish my brother and Angie lots of happiness!!!
I enjoy making these diaper cakes and I hope you guys have at least half of the enjoyment pulling it apart.

If anyone is interested in a diaper cake of this sort, please email for information. Since these are built with a theme specific they are custom built.

You can also check my etsy store to see what we have available at this time.