Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bye Bye Diapers

My next small break from diaper cakes takes me to a topic very hot for anyone parents of toddlers. How to say goodbye to those diapers?

A big step in a toddler's life is making that huge leap from diapers to potty. Most parents completely dread the idea of having to go through this time of adjustment. But making it a game with your child can show to be easy as long as you come up with creative ways to have the little one look forward to making this big leap.

There is no magic age to when a child should be potty trained. But most fall in the range of 18 months to 3 years.

Below are a few techniques that have been known to be helpful to say bye bye to the diapers!.

1. For boys a very famous one is drop cheerios into the toilet and have him aim for it. Make sure this technique is full of excitement so that every time he feels the desire he will make sure he doesn't miss a chance to aim at the cheerios.

2. Offer a treat for every time they go in the potty. Rewards will create an reason for them to want to go the next time they feel the need.

3. For parents that are open to the idea, invite the child to the bathroom when they need to and make it a time of the day the both of you can sit there. Even if nothing happens it will start to teach the child that going in the potty is part of growing up.

4. If you child is very regular, make it a commitment to do it at the same time every day just like you would do any other routine.

5. Keep enforcing the difference between being a baby and being a big boy or girl. They are so anxious to grow up that this motivates them.

6. Use any life example to drive the idea through.
An example could be when walking the family dog, explain to the child that doggies go to the bathroom in the lawn, and big boys or girls go in the potty.

7. Have books next to the potty for the child to be entertained. Some kids will create this a habit it will not only become a good tool to help end the diaper era, but also to their reading interest for the future.

8. If accidents occur never yell at them. Just encourage to try harder for the next time.

9. When they have success make a party out of it. Make sure to praise them to an extreme. This will motivate them extremely.

10. When you as a parent have the need to go, announce it and make a noticeable scene of how you are running to the toilet. Every toddler tries so hard to imitate everything they see the parents do that this will be a big incentive to do as well.

11. Never compare a child. Every child will accomplish this sooner or later. So just be patient and saying bye bye to diapers will come soon enough. After all how many grown ups do you know never got potty trained and are still in diapers?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Violet and Garden Diaper Cake

One of my recent requests was for a pal violet and garden theme diaper cake for a baby boy's arrival. The baby's room would be all violet with a touch of garden feel to it. So the person who gave the gift asked me to combine this idea as well.

The diaper cake has a more neutral touch then most of the diaper cakes I have made in the past. And its probably the first garden idea that has been requested. Like always every diaper I make turns out to be it own unique style.

The diaper cake carries: A purple Carter's blanket and Carter's receiving blankert, booties, onesie, hat, and 56 huggies diapers size 1.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cute Foreign Diaper Commerical

I have dedicated this blog completely on diaper cakes. But once in a while I will throw in a funny commercial that brings a smile, or laugh to my day. I post mostly baby and diaper related commercials. This next commercial is no exception to my rule. Check out the foreign baby, mommy, and diaper commercial. I don't actually use this diaper brand for my diaper cakes since they are foreign but it was too cute to pass up. I hope you enjoy the funny video!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Floral Arrangements or Diaper Cakes

A big reason to why diaper cakes are such a perfect idea to offer as a gift for a baby’s arrival is the idea that the diaper cakes qualifies as a perfect gift for anyone wanting decor as well as exceptional usage. One of the most popular gifts known to be delivered to hospital beds to new mommies are beautiful floral arrangements. But imagine giving that mommy something that will be beautiful and useful even after its time comes to be taken apart. A floral arrangement has a life span of about a week maybe 2 if taken with diligent care. But a diaper cake will be used even after the cake has served its decoration purpose.

At a baby shower where I made a Winnie the Pooh diaper cake, an elderly woman asked me if I knew the origin of the diaper cakes. I had to sadly say I didn’t, although I did know that in the recent years it seems they are becoming a lot more popular. The elderly women who probably was close to her mid 80s told me that when she was a little girl she would watch her mother sow beautiful designs on fabrics that would turn into cloth diaper and were then given as gifts to expecting mothers. She would spend days producing a dozen or so of them and then with ribbons and bows she would make an arrangement made of those diapers. She added that back in her days, there was no concept of disposable items, so the gift would was more the thought that went into the gift.

Whether this story has anything to do with the origin of the diaper cakes or not, remains to be discovered but it was a beautiful story and thought I would share. Every diaper cake I make gives me joy because not any two are alike. It keeps me enjoying all the tiny cute things available for babies even after my daughter is passed her infant stage.