Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Blue Diaper Cake

So since all cute cuddly stuffed animals get a turn on my blog to show off my beautiful diaper cakes this next one is perfect for elephant lovers. This Carter's pluffy stands tall at the top of this two tear diaper cake.

Along with him comes a blue teething ring with a new born 1.5 oz bottle filled with gum balls for mommy to enjoy, pacifiers and spoons to fill the top area of the cake. The frosting of the cake is made of a receiving blanket with a brown color decor and a picture of our cute elephant and his bird friend displayed. The cake holds 56 size(1) Huggies diapers.

This Baby Blue Elephant Diaper Cake is perfect to celebrate a baby boy's arrival. I usually don't post the price of any of my cakes only because they are all so custom made. But I had a picture of this particular diaper cake example for a little while on Craigslist and it did drive interest. For anyone who is interested I sell this cake for $45.00. Keep in mind that they can be custom made and all cakes can be completely done to someones uniques interest.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sprinkle Shower?

You almost have to wonder if that title is correct to call it a Sprinkle Shower because sprinkle intends to be just a sprinkle right? Women always wonder if its ethically correct to have a baby shower for the second baby. The answer is yes. But put a small spin to the idea by saying, "We are celebrating a Baby Sprinkle" and your troubles are over. Would you not agree that it could be said you are not having another baby shower, but just a sprinkle celebration instead. Sprinkle alludes to the idea that the mother does not need a shower of gifts but instead just sprinkle her with a few little things that might come handed.

I had a friend send me an invitation to her sprinkle celebration soon and I thought it was so cute to share on my blog. The poem she included in the invitation was perfect for the occasion.

A Baby Sprinkle Celebration

Pins, Diapers, Bottles, Galore,

Mommy and Daddy are having one more,

Big (brother) or (Sister) has plenty to share,

This is only a "sprinkle" to show that we care,

Please join us to celebrate!!!