Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sprinkle Shower?

You almost have to wonder if that title is correct to call it a Sprinkle Shower because sprinkle intends to be just a sprinkle right? Women always wonder if its ethically correct to have a baby shower for the second baby. The answer is yes. But put a small spin to the idea by saying, "We are celebrating a Baby Sprinkle" and your troubles are over. Would you not agree that it could be said you are not having another baby shower, but just a sprinkle celebration instead. Sprinkle alludes to the idea that the mother does not need a shower of gifts but instead just sprinkle her with a few little things that might come handed.

I had a friend send me an invitation to her sprinkle celebration soon and I thought it was so cute to share on my blog. The poem she included in the invitation was perfect for the occasion.

A Baby Sprinkle Celebration

Pins, Diapers, Bottles, Galore,

Mommy and Daddy are having one more,

Big (brother) or (Sister) has plenty to share,

This is only a "sprinkle" to show that we care,

Please join us to celebrate!!!

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Elvia said...

So cute thank you for the poem. It was very nice.