Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Shower Decorations

When considering creating the perfect scene for baby celebration, its always a task that can take a great deal of creativity.   The baby shower table centerpieces and the wall decorations can make a baby shower just bring out smiles to faces.

To end this year we figured we would write an article and give credit to our most popular table centerpiece.
Back in October 26, 2007 we introduced our elegant lines of diaper cake chairs on article baby shower centerpieces.  Since then we created a number and unique and beautiful diaper cake chairs most popular as table centerpiece.   They lend themselves not only for how they bring decor but also the fact that they are useful to the mother and baby. 

The difference between the diaper cake and the diaper cake chair is that the chairs offer a sort of stage to offer a great presentation. The majority of our chairs have a adorable plush perched and showing off usually some baby item that is completely adorable and must be showcased.

For 2013 we are growing our selections of diaper cake chairs and we will be introducing a few more unique diaper cake arrangements.  We love creating the perfect baby shower decoration for the perfect occasion.  After all what can be more perfect the a new bundle of joy!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Shower Game Idea

Baby showers are traditional for having games to keep the fun and entertainment  up.   Doing a quick search you can find a lot of the common games played at most baby showers.

One new idea that you could implement at the next baby shower is "How many diapers in the diaper cake game"   Having a beautiful diaper cake created for the baby shower event and then having your guest guess the number of diapers can be fun.

You might get crazy results and its fun to have people guessing.  It would be very similar to the game, "Guess the number of jelly beans in the jar".   With the only difference that this game is very baby related.
Here is any example of a diaper cake we made and left the guest wondering.  Can you guess how many diapers were used?

 This is one of our elegant baby shower diaper cakes for the Tweety  Lovers out there.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces

Perched up and adorable is Mickey Mouse in our next diaper cake chair.  This cute diaper chair is made in Mickey's well known colors of red and blue.  The plush toy is accompanied by two adorable Mickey Mouse baby socks to go with it.

This is another one of our examples of true unique baby shower table arrangements.  Diaper cakes are very common to find in baby showers, but diaper cakes chairs would be a touch of uniqueness in any baby shower.

They are not only beautiful but they also give you a stage for presentation.

Here are the specifics on this particular arrangement.
Please visit our store to see other cakes available.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas Diaper Cake

December is one of my favorite months of the year.  The month is always full of such joy with the spirit of the Holidays.   One of the diaper cake arrangements we have that is perfect for the month of December is the
Snowman Diaper Cake. This baby shower arrangement comes elegantly done with a candy cane theme to dress up any December babyshower.

 We had this same design done a few years back for a beautiful December baby shower and the room was dress up in beautiful shades of red and blue.  On every table of the baby shower we had blue and red candy cane versions of this cake perched up in their centers.

So since this was a design that was well admired,  we decided  to make it available again this year.
Please contact us for this diaper cake or any of our other arrangements you might see on our site.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Baby Shower Centerpieces

Diaper cakes have become very popular in baby showers.  What better way to dress up a celebration then to utilize accessories that mom could use as the baby shower celebration is over.

MommysDelights has been creating baby shower arrangements for about 8 years now and they have always proved to be beautifully elegant.  We focus more on the uniqueness of the presentation then just delivering a finished product. 

If you have followed out blog for years now we have shown you true art when putting together the arrangements.   A baby shower table can be so beautifully dressed up with a little bit of creativity.

The diaper cake chair is one of our unique designs.  Also has proven to be very popular.
Below is a picture of two of our beautiful designs.  We bring you designs with our favorite characters such as our Sesame Street furry friends, Winnie the Pooh,  Hello Kitty and many more.

For a  baby shower centerpiece that will be completely unique consider not only a dressed up table but a table that will be elegant as well as unique. 

Hello Kitty Diaper Cake

The Fall season has come  again and its my favorite time of the year to celebrate making cute baby arrangements.   With Halloween around the corner we have decided to create an all time favorite such as Hello Kitty.

In this diaper cake arrangement, Hello Kitty is wearing her little devil costume.  This plush doll is from the TY Beanie Collections of special characters. Tys  plush toys, are known to be made kid friendly  and they meet or exceed all US safety standards.

This diaper cake was made of festive bright colors yet soft enough to celebrate a baby's arrival.

This diaper cake includes:
40 Size one diapers
1 Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty Red Devil
2 baby wash cloth.

Hello Kitty has been a generation favorite.  This diaper cake can make a mommy fan very happy!!
For more details on the Hello Kitty Diaper Cake or any other of our arrangements please vist us at:

MommysDelights Store

Monday, August 27, 2012

Diaper Cake Farm

One of my favorite areas of building cute diaper cakes is that I get to enjoy all the most adorable baby toys out there.  Baby bath toys are especially adorable and they blend themselves so well to creating adorable arrangements.

This is a cute diaper cake farm built to just say adorable.  The diaper cake is a small 1 layer diaper cake made to have three cute bath toys sitting in a prefect presentation.

The diaper cake has

The arrangement is made of the following:
16 Luvs Size one Diapers
1 Receiving Blanket
1 Travel Size Body Lotion
3 Adorable Bath Toys (Cow, Pig and Sheep)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sesame Street Diaper Chair

Our precious Sesame Street Diaper Cake Chair arrangement is completely adorable.
This baby gift arrangement is a perfect offering for any parent who is a cookie monster, Ernie or Elmo fan.

Our diaper cake arrangements are uniquely created to be not only a useful gift but beautiful to offer as well.

This diaper cake arrangement  falls in our unique chair designs.  They are completely made of baby items that are very useful in the first few days of the baby's life.

The cake has a Ernie Bath toy sitting elegantly at his chair with a size 1 pair of baby sneakers with Elmo theme that can be seen in the pictures. To accompany Ernie you have two finger puppets of Cookie Monster and Elmo in each baby shoe.

This Diaper Chair includes:

16 size 1 diapers
1 blue/white pocka dots receiving blanket
1 Ernie bath toy
1 pair of Elmo sneakers size 1
2 finger puppets

The size of the diaper cake chair is:
Length:10 (inches) Width 4.5 (inches) Height 8 (inches)

If you are interested in more information on this diaper cake chair or any other of the arrangements you see on our site, please visit our store at:  MommysDelights

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diaper Cake Carousel

It has been a while since I posted some of our wonderful work.  Sorry for leaving my blog so abandoned.

Diaper cake making can be an art category all on its own.  A quick search for diaper cakes and you find so many creative ways to offer a gift to someone you care for.  If you have followed my blog for the last 5 or more years you know I do this to exercise my creative skills and every diaper cake becomes my special piece. 

In fact that brings me to a nightmare store I had at the beginning of my diaper cake days.  I had created this beautiful piece for a friend to whom I had been invited to her baby shower.   The host of the baby shower had done a beautiful job in decorating the room for the mommy, but when the party was over I stayed behind to help pick up.  I witnessed her dragging everything from the table into a plastic bag for the mom-to-be to look over later.  In the middle of that she dragged my cake right in. 

This was one of my first ones I had done and was completely distraught to see what she had done.  I went home thinking of the passion I put into making that piece and how her delicacy her friend had shown shoving it in a plastic bag.  Lets just say I was extremely sadden.

This episode turned out ok because I later got a phone call from the mommy telling me her cake was simply adorable and that she loved it.  I asked her if it was ok because I had seen it all mashed in a plastic bag.  She said it was perfect.  I realized my diaper cakes were pretty stable after that episode.

Here is cute diaper cake carousel completely unique in all its form.  This diaper cake carousel is made with the following:

1 cute frog plush baby rattle
1 receiving blanket
4 cute wall decorations
16 Luvs diapers

Diaper cake carousels are very rare to see but adorable to offer as gift.

Happy Babying!!! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girl Diaper Cake Chair

Diaper chairs are the perfect gift to give for a centerpiece. They are great to enhance the decor at any baby shower table. With the summer coming soon, this next baby girl diaper chair is a great gift to a new mom to be. The cake brings adorable baby girl sandals that will look simply cute on any baby girl.

Diaper Chairs are one of our most popular diaper designs since they not only offer the mom great baby items but it also sets itself up as a stage to present itself beautifully.

This diaper chair was built as our larger size diaper chairs which includes the following baby essentials.

32 Size 1 Luvs Diapers
2 Receiving Blankets
1 bathroom Rose sponge
1 travel size baby lotion
1 teddy bear plush
1 baby wash cloth designed like a flower
1 pair of baby girl sandals size 0-3 months

This version's sizes are: 12(W) x 6(L) x 12(H)

Check out the baby arrangements we have at our Etsy Store

Please if you come across one of out diaper arrangements on this blog and are interested in more information please email us at

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tweety Diaper Cake

This was my latest beauty. An adorable Tweety Diaper Cake. This cake was very special. It was built with a complete Warner Brothers Theme of Tweety and Bugs Bunny.

The diaper cake carries tons of goodies for the baby and mommy.

Ingrediants are as follows.

One bag of Size one Diapers
1 Plush Tweety Bird
1 Soft Tweety and Bugs Bunny Blanket
1 Receiving Blanket
8 baby cloth wipes
2 Pairs of socks
1 bib
1 onesie
1 Tweety Baby rattle
1 Pair of Size one baby shoes

And Lots of love making it.

I wish my brother and Angie lots of happiness!!!
I enjoy making these diaper cakes and I hope you guys have at least half of the enjoyment pulling it apart.

If anyone is interested in a diaper cake of this sort, please email for information. Since these are built with a theme specific they are custom built.

You can also check my etsy store to see what we have available at this time.