Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girl Diaper Cake Chair

Diaper chairs are the perfect gift to give for a centerpiece. They are great to enhance the decor at any baby shower table. With the summer coming soon, this next baby girl diaper chair is a great gift to a new mom to be. The cake brings adorable baby girl sandals that will look simply cute on any baby girl.

Diaper Chairs are one of our most popular diaper designs since they not only offer the mom great baby items but it also sets itself up as a stage to present itself beautifully.

This diaper chair was built as our larger size diaper chairs which includes the following baby essentials.

32 Size 1 Luvs Diapers
2 Receiving Blankets
1 bathroom Rose sponge
1 travel size baby lotion
1 teddy bear plush
1 baby wash cloth designed like a flower
1 pair of baby girl sandals size 0-3 months

This version's sizes are: 12(W) x 6(L) x 12(H)

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