Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Shower Decorations

When considering creating the perfect scene for baby celebration, its always a task that can take a great deal of creativity.   The baby shower table centerpieces and the wall decorations can make a baby shower just bring out smiles to faces.

To end this year we figured we would write an article and give credit to our most popular table centerpiece.
Back in October 26, 2007 we introduced our elegant lines of diaper cake chairs on article baby shower centerpieces.  Since then we created a number and unique and beautiful diaper cake chairs most popular as table centerpiece.   They lend themselves not only for how they bring decor but also the fact that they are useful to the mother and baby. 

The difference between the diaper cake and the diaper cake chair is that the chairs offer a sort of stage to offer a great presentation. The majority of our chairs have a adorable plush perched and showing off usually some baby item that is completely adorable and must be showcased.

For 2013 we are growing our selections of diaper cake chairs and we will be introducing a few more unique diaper cake arrangements.  We love creating the perfect baby shower decoration for the perfect occasion.  After all what can be more perfect the a new bundle of joy!