Friday, November 6, 2009

Google Gives Tribute to Our Furry Friends

Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Ernie & Burt, Grover, Elmo, Mr Snuffy all make up some of my most memorable friends growing up. For anyone in their 30s who grew up inviting Sesame Street into their home every morning or evening can relate to how much they were part of our growing up years. Of course Sesame Street has been a friend for all generations after that and through the years has had its share of changes.

On November 10, 1969 Sesame Street premiered their very first episode. Today it has proven to entertain little kids in 125 countries around the world.

Google has been paying tribute to Sesame Street's 40th birthday by having our favorite characters appear in their logo. We saw Big Bird on Wednesday, Cookie Monster on Thursday and Today we have Burt and Ernie.

My favorite character has always been cookie monster so yesterday was my favorite Google page:

Here is my favorite episode of cookie monster:

Here is a link showing some of the other cute Google Doodles that have been used:
Other Google Doodles

I am guessing they will have more between now and Nov 10th :)