Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Diaper Bassinet

The other night I created my new version of the bassinet diaper cakes. In December of 2007 I came out with one version of diaper bassinets. It took a while before I started to receive inquiries on the cute arrangement.

Now knowing that I found the niche I was looking for that made my diaper cakes my own, I decided to start offering the diaper cake bassinets again. This cute baby arrangement looks very much like a real baby bassinet. It is made of diapers but the art behind making them still holds to be their presentation.

diaper cake bassinetsThe baby diaper bassinet displayed here is for a baby girl.
The diaper cake has 15 size 1 Luvs diapers, 1 receiving blanket, 1 newborn hat, 1 Angel Dear Sheep Plush, and 1 traveling size baby Johnson and Johnson Shampoo.

This baby diaper bassinet and a few more baby arrangements will be available on Etsy.com

Happy Babying!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bassinet. So cute!!!