Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Break on Diaper cakes to Sesame Street Park

By now it's clear in this blog that my interests are mainly in the area of cute and cuddly things. I think my love to making my diaper cakes is because I can always come up with cute ideas to put something together with all my childhood favorites in mind.

I decided I would blog about a theme park that is not that well known. Or at least not as known as Disney World or other theme parks. Sesame Street actually has a park located in Philadelphia that would help bring to life all of those favorite characters your child loves to see. Not to mention the drive down memory lane that could happen to you if you let it happen.

The park has lots of fun for the little ones. It is mostly geared to the age bracket that would enjoy Sesame Street to it fullest but its not to say a person young at heart wont also love it.
Some of the wonderful attractions are, but not limited to: Peek-A-Bug, Blast Off, and Flyin Fish in Elmo's World. Adding to the attractions, you have Vapor Trail which is consider a perfect roller coaster to introduce your little ones to the world of flips and falls.

On the water end of the fun, you have over ten different attractions that would give you a splash of a time. You have Bert and Ernie's Slip and Slides and Teeny Tiny Water Waves.

All day you also have the chance to meet your Sesame Street buddies in person.
I get excited just writing about it. But again, I am a child at heart. My daughter is the perfect excuse to feel that age again.

For complete information on the park's attractions, dates and rates. You can go to their web site.

Remember I only brushed on a few things in this blog.
Hope this helps someone have a family vacation soon.

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