Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cars Diaper Cake

So every mother of a toddler knows that the little ones go through fazes of favorite movies. Well the last few months my 2.5 year old daughter has been all about Cars, the Movie. She knows all the cute characters by name: Sally, Mater, Lightning Mcqueen, Luigi, and Doc Hudson.

So needing an inspiration for my new diaper cake that would be a gift for a soon to be baby boy. I made a ever so cute Lightning MacQueen Diaper Cake. I blew up the face of the car because that is what makes the diaper cake so darn cute!!!

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PMKU said...

I don't see an email address attached to your blog so I will have to answer you here. This particular event "American Baby Faire" was brought to my attention by The Kid's Directory which is a magazine that I just started advertising in and they have a booth. They are nice enough to let their vendors come in and pass out materials. The booths can get expensive for a small business. Google and check the calendar it will show you all the locations. Maybe there is something in your area!