Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shower Car Candle Favors

The great thing about working on different diaper cake or candle designs is that every request comes with different desires and needs. When someone is looking for a unique idea but expresses there need for design orientation, it gives me the challenge to come up with something that will go with what they are hoping for. Whether they are looking for diaper cakes or candles, my first question is what if the baby’s gender if known. If the gender is not known then we go with neutral colors. Next, does the mom-to-be have a particular theme for the baby’s room? Or does she or who is preparing her baby shower have a theme to make her diaper cake or candles.

For the picture displayed here. The baby was a boy and the room theme the parents had chosen was cars. The baby shower was also going to follow the same theme. So we put together a perfect baby shower favor for a keepsake for all the friends attending. The baby shower was really cute with car balloons and so many cute little details that just said boy all over them.

23 baby shower forever gel candles were created. They all can have the tea light changed out if one wants to light them up. Most of the times, these candles are just kept as keep sakes. But either way the candle is a delight.


Pamela said...

This is great! Glad I came across your blogspot.

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful and creative ideas for baby shower gifts. Keep it up:)
Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

how did you make these

Cali-delights said...

Hi Anonymous,
These are built like any other gel candle. You display the decoration you will want in the glass. You then heat the gel to the point of the gel melted, then you pour it into the glass. Then you rest a tea light at the top of the glass.

Its a combination of a tea light and a gel candle.

This particular set was for a boy baby shower a few years back.