Sunday, October 14, 2007

Angel Candle Paradise

Center pieces were the highlight of my preparations when I was putting together my little girls baptism gathering. Since I am always looking for something unique to stand out and I don't want the same generic stuff you find in every party store, I decided to work on my own centerpieces. A baptism in our family is considered a highlight in our lives and it brings a feeling of purity and innocence. What better then to take my candle hobby but instead of devoting most of the time in the candle area, I decided to build a garden paradise with a heavenly angel in the middle. I didn't make the candles, I simply bought them and created the hallow area to have a perfect space for my angel. The candle towered over the center of the garden and birds sat at the edge of a bird bath. The bird bath water was made of gel.

I had 6 tables and each had one of these candle center pieces making them the main decor for each. I used a variety of flowers in every candle centerpiece. So no two candle centerpieces were alike. They were all taken home by one of the guests after the party was over.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I find it interesting to learn how others started in their business, how they keep it going and what their motivation is. I love your pieces by the way. Adorable!!