Monday, October 29, 2007

Butterfly Baby Shower Favor

As beautiful as gel candles are, they are not as popular as wax candles.
The main reason is the undeserved bad reputation they earned a couple of years ago from stories of candles exploding. I will devote another blog article on that in case the interest is there to clearly understand the confusion on gel candles.

In the baby showers where the favors are gel candles people are amazed at how beautiful they are and yet they don't see many of them around. Under different lighting the gel candles can take on an appearance of a celestial water paradise. In the sun the appearance turns in an aqua bubbling world of beauty.
When creating the candle favors one can control the amount of bubbles desired by the temperature to which you heat the gel. This baby shower candle was created for a mom-to-be that had a passion for butterflies. Everything at the baby shower was butterfly related and most of the baby gifts all had butterfly theme.

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