Friday, November 2, 2007

Fruits and Craft Day

A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I had attended a Candle convention. The highlight of the convention was making candles that looked like fruit. Even though I didn’t get into making them I did keep a few of the little gifts they gave away. This weekend I decided to let my daughter put together a little candle. All the fruit were already created so it was a perfect arts and craft task for my little 2 year old. The fruits were given away to promote sells for any type of candle design.

So I had my little girl put them all together. I helped her pour a bit of gel over the fruit wax pieces, added a wick and created an adorable little table centerpiece.

This was not created for any baby shower but it is definitely something to think about. Fruits are beautiful and with a little bit of imagination they could light up a baby shower room.

For this particular example it was fun time with my daughter and watching her eyes light up to see her cute candle creation.

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