Monday, November 5, 2007

Desired Goal

Every year a Christmas Arts and Crafts festival comes around to our area and every year I go to see what wonderful ideas people come up with. Every year that goes by I always wish to have a booth of my own and sell. It always brings me joy to think I will have excuses for making beautiful things.

Only problem with that show is that most of the stuff there is holiday oriented. So I fear my baby shower and baby items would not sell. Candles can be done for any occasion, but how to put a spin on my baby shower and baby items?

So my goal for next year is to have all my ducks in line, put my fears aside and look into festivals of such sort. Maybe not this particular one but one that would give me a chance to see what people think of my candles and baby shower displays.

In every crowd and at any time of the year, babies are born and baby showers are held.
So I am sure I would have at least one person interested right? hmmm I wonder :)

1 comment:

Pamela Kramer said...

Go for it! You should have what you normally set up for your showers and then make a special holiday theme shower cake! Yep.