Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby Shower for second baby

My friend asked me the other day if it was considered bad taste to have a baby shower for the second time with your second baby.
First thing must be clear to answer this question. The decision to have a second baby shower or not is completely up to the mom-to-be and her family and friends that would be attending it. But the question does come up in every family at one point or the another. Is it ok to have a second baby shower?

Here are a few tips on how to make the second baby shower not so second.
1. If the gender is different to the first, then by all means a baby shower is well deserved.

2. If the gender is unknown or the gender is the same as the first, host a diaper warming party.

3. Have a welcome home party for the baby instead of a baby shower.

4. Have a baby shower celebration but only do it with the closest of families. You have to remember there will be close friends and relatives that will want to give you gifts regardless.

5. Host a "Come up with your crafty idea to what mommy might need party."

6. Host a "Casserole shower or pampering mommy shower."

In other countries, it is known for a mother to have multiple baby showers because every family member throws her one. So the key would be to know the people your closest to and how they would feel. If they really care about you, they would'nt think twice for a second celebration.

And in most cases, its not you throwing the party anyway!!!!!

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West said...

I don't know if you remember me, but we wrote each other a couple of times a few months ago. I just came across your site again from In reference to having a shower for a second baby, lots of parents have a "baby sprinkle" for any child after the first born. The idea is to "sprinkle" the baby with gifts instead of "shower" them, since a lot of mom's re-use baby stuff (like baby furniture, clothes, safety and travel stuff). If you just goolge "baby sprinkle", you'll find lots of info about it.
p.s. your candles are beautiful!