Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Origin of my Candle hobby

About 7 years ago, when neither babies nor marriage were yet in my horizon, I met a coworker who had a hobby of making gel candles. Out of interest I asked him if it was hard to make one. He said it was the way he and his wife relieved the everyday mundane and stressful jobs they both had. From that point on I took on the desire to make these candles from an example he brought me to work one day. The candles were fascinating since the gel candles were so beautiful. And so came the beginning of my gel candle search. About a year later, wedding bells started to sound and I knew soon I would be making wedding plans. I searched for shower favors everywhere and all the ones I found that were of my liking were to expensive for my budget. So I ventured into making my own gel candles as favors.

About a year later on April of 04, I was so into them that my husband and I took advantage of a Gel Convention they were having in Las Vegas and went. Yes, I know what you must be saying, what a bore. But I loved every minute of it. It was great, we killed two birds with one stone since Vegas was also a great place to take a vacation. The specialty of the convention was gel but they introduced a popular new craze, the mix of wax and gel to make beautiful food candle creations. The attached image is an example of a food candle they had on display there. I never really got into this type of candles but if you are interested, you can find all type of accessories related to this type of candles at:

Today I still love making them, although now candles share my love with a new addition to my hobbies…. Diaper cakes. Diaper cakes give me the ability to be just as creative as the candles so like candles I put so much passion in every single one of them.

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