Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Value of a Diaper Cake

When looking to purchase a diaper cake, not only do you have a wide range of designs, but the price spectrum can be overwhelming. Diaper cakes can range in price anywhere from a few bucks to way into the hundreds. The question might be why the difference and what goes into making one of these beauties to either be so cheap or so expensive.

Well for starters you can find yourself in two scenarios, either the diaper cake is overpriced, or you have a diaper cake that’s true to its value. But how do you distinguish between them?

The advice I can share is if you are looking to know what your money is buying you, ask for the contents within the diaper cake. The contents hidden within the diaper cake can mean a world of difference in the price of the cake. The person purchasing the cake must also understand that presentation is also key to the first impression. My opinion, the perfect diaper cake would be one that truly is breath taking and that it carries all the essentials that a mom-to-be would need. With those things in place you have yourself a great buy. I am not going to tell you there is a perfect price because there isn’t. The best bet is to analyze the contents you are purchasing inside the cake and make sure you compare to a few when making the decision.

When purchasing a cake, also consider the time and quality of the cake. At a baby shower of a good friend of mine, I was more concern with her loving the diaper cake itself then the contents I had hidden in it.

Like any gift, it depends on what you are willing to spend on the person you are buying for. Know what you are buying and you should be fine.

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