Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake

This week I delivered one of my Winnie the Pooh diaper cakes to a co-worker that had a good friend that was having a baby girl. Most of the diaper cakes I make I don't get the pleasure of seeing the reaction from people when they see them. I make them, deliver them, and then wait to hear back from the person to see if everyone liked it. With this one I was fortunate to see people’s reactions.

Men seem to be taken back a bit when they see them. And of course you get the jokes here and there. "Are they used diapers?" "How about making one with used diapers?" Or my favorite; "Is it eatable?"

Women are either shocked to see a diaper cake for the first time and want to know all about them or they simply admire and compare them to the ones they have seen before.

My favorite part of this particular diaper cake was how everyone would stop and ask him about it. With a straight face he would tell them he made it. Imagine a very tall manly guy with a cute little diaper cake at his desk saying he created it. People just had to stop and ask. He later clarified to everyone that I made it but the talk of the day was the Winnie the Pooh Diaper cake.


Carl said...

I am a guy and I agree with the other comments you got from men. However after a good friend started making these I thought this a good idea (which is why I am looking at blogs about Diaper Cakes).
I wish your venture well and my Friend's too (Diaper Cakes by Misti)

Carl (Ocean Decor)

PMKU said...

WOW that is a really nice one! I saw your review at Congrats! I hope you got our package. Let me know.

Elena said...

Such a nice gift for new babies. Everything beautiful and usable.