Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Hospital Gift

You wonder, what would be the ideal gift to give a friend on the day of their baby's arrival. You have been to the baby shower and given the mommy a gift right off her registry.

Now its the day of the arrival and you are going to visit the little one at the hospital. Its very common to show your appreciation for Mom and Dads memorable moment by offering a gift. Some very common gifts are gift baskets, balloons, flower arrangements.
In the last few years diaper cakes have become one of the few popular items to give in baby showers.

By the time the hospital day comes around you could offer her a beautiful diaper cake that is more of an arrangement. The diaper chairs or bassinets MommysDelights offers have shown to be very popular on that special day.

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Mhar's Display said...

this looks so nice.


Karen/Peanuts Crochet said...

so cute and different from what is out there!