Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Cute

So every so often I fill in my blog with commercials that crack a smile on my face. So I can't help but to pause my diaper cake posting for those baby commercials here and there. This next commercials was running a few months ago and it was to cute to pass up.

The commercial was run by HP and its a little baby traveling through a long journey to get to his destination which in this case was the printer. The message is HP gives you the option to take the picture and instantly send to your printer from any mobile device. I have to love the great marketing ideas some companies come up with. The adorable baby made it worth just stopping your chores running to the television and getting a
glimpse of his cute chubby face as he races on by.

Enjoy the cute baby!!!


Jamie said...

Thats one cute baby

Eve said...

Your blog is so cute. The gifts are adorable and your pick on commercials do put a smile on my face.

nilam said...

that is so Cuuuteeee, BaBY,