Friday, June 26, 2009

Pluffies are my favorite

When creating all my diaper cakes, I usually build each one keeping in mind the preference of the client. But I must say if I was asked what makes the cutest toppings for each diaper cake I have to say I love using the Ty Pluffies Collection and the Child of Mine Carter's Collection.

I started collection the Ty Pluffies when I was pregnant with my daughter. Creating her room theme made me fall in love completely with the Pluffies. They are one of the few lines of stuffed animals that carries the cute faces across almost all of there animals. My little girl ended up making slumbers the bear her very best friend in the whole wide world. She goes every where with him.
Growing up I was probably the only 15 year old with a room full of stuffed animals. I think my love for making baby baskets and diaper cakes today is so I can continue the excuse of having cuddly cute stuffed animals around.
Here is a link to the website that has all the Pluffy Collection. One look at all the faces and you see that the Ty Pluffies Collection ranks high if you are looking for something that will make you go AHHHHHH SO CUTE!!!


Noor said...

so0o cuuuute
There is still a child in me
I want I want

Angie said...

This are way to adorable!!! I love stuffed animals also but I dont have a preference in brand.