Saturday, June 27, 2009

Giraffe Diaper Cake

Most of the diaper cakes on my blogs have been created using the roll up technique. But this last one I decided to build it with what most diaper cake makers call the frosted fan look. This style seems to be more popular with cakes that have of more of an elegant style. An example of this might be the flower diaper cakes. I don't have a preference on how to make them. It depends on what the client prefers.

But this next cake was made with the flared frosted look.
A cute Carter's Baby Giraffe stands tall on a cake of two layers of 52 diapers. Wrapped around the top, layer giving it a smooth frosted look is a safari receiving blanket.

I have one available cake such as this one for $40.00 plus shipping.
Please email me with any questions on this or any other cake you might be interested in.

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stormwhistle said...

These are really lovely cakes