Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Passion for Diaper cakes

My passion for diaper cakes came when I had my little girl Calista. I was searching on ebay for sesame street toy figures and came across a beautiful diaper cake. It grabbed my attention since I was invited to a baby shower and I was on the search for the perfect gift. I decided to go on the hunt to find information on how to make a diaper cake and created my first diaper cake.

After a few requests I was on my way to perfecting every diaper cake I set out to create. Every cake I would make I had a hard time letting go. I guess it was because it was my way of knowing I did my best to build the prettiest cake.

This link will take you back to one of the cakes I did in the past:
Johanna's Diapercake

I will post more as I make them and some from the past that were a babyshower delights.

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