Monday, October 1, 2007

Candle Dish

I was going through some pictures of the different little things I have done for baby showers and I came across the candle dish that was a great hit.

The mother of this baby had a room decorated with an animal paradise. She professionally had someone paint a beautiful tree with all types of animals. So as a keepsake to go with her room I created a dish candle that she later put on a picture stand and had it sit on the dresser to go with the room. I hope the picture is clear on what it was. On the far left you had the candle that sits in its own little area. The rest of the plate was the small paradise created with all types of animals and a little river running through it. You have a hippo, zebra, giraffe, alligator and a lion. Next to the candle there is a palm tree. All these were the animals in the decorations the room had.

1 comment: said...

Your candle dish is beautiful. I love your diaper cakes. A diffrent twist on shower gifts.