Monday, July 4, 2011

Teddy Bear Diaper Cake

Our Diaper Cake Chairs seems to be popular for baby shower centerpieces. They are a unique display that blends itself well to decorate a baby shower room. The diaper cake chairs also come in a bigger size if preferred. The size of our most popular diaper cake chair is: Length:10(in) x Width 4.5(in) x Height 8(in).

The bigger version comes in sizes: 12(W) x 6(L) x 12(H).
Our bigger sizes can be compared to a 2 or 3 tier diaper cake since it brings twice the amount of diapers the smaller version brings.

This particular cake is the Teddy Bear Diaper Chair.

It brings:
32 size 1 Luvs diapers
2 Receiving Blankets
1 Bear Plush
1 pair of baby shoes size 2 (3-6 months)
1 bath toy

The Teddy Bear Diaper Cake can be perfect for the arrival of any baby boy.
Here is a picture of our latest bigger size diaper cake chair.

The following picture displays the Bear Diaper Cake display next to our smaller version to get more of an idea of the size difference for reference.
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Lucia said...

Cute little chairs. I like the frog diaper chair one.