Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitten Diaper Cake Chair

diaper cake
The other days when thinking on what cute baby centerpiece to create, I realized that I have not had any orders for cats or kittens. Makes one wonder, are there no cat lovers out there. I also noticed that doing a search for Kitten diaper cakes I come up first on the list. So with that thought in mind I figured I would make a kitten diaper cake sofa available for any cat lovers out there.

The adorable gift chair arrangement is perfect for an office friend or that exciting hospital visit when mommy has her little one.

The presentation is a little baby kitten sitting on the diaper cake chair displaying baby Gerber booties. Along with the kitten and Gerber booties you have a small travel size shampoo bottle.

Ingredients to make this diaper cake:
15 Luvs size one diapers
1 Kitten Plush Toy
1 Pair of Newborn Gerber Booties
1 Newborn Receiving blanket
1 baby girl white hair bow piece
1 Travel Size Johnson n Johnson Shampoo

Email us if you are interested in this centerpiece but want more of a neutral or boy theme.

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Anonymous said...

This is so awesome -- much cuter than the usual diaper cake. How did you form the back of the chair?

Andrea said...

Very pretty cake. Your cakes are always so unique.

ediapercake said...

Your chair diaper cakes are really cute