Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cute Bear Diaper Cake

In February I built a cute bear diaper cake all decorated in red to celebrate the month of Valentines Days. The cake was perfect for a mommy that was due around that week and the person who gave the gift wanted it to be all in a love theme.

So with a mix of baby pink and violet, this cake was perfect for the perfect occasion.

Topped with a cute plush bear that you see in the picture, baby socks, one bottle full of bubble gum for the mom to enjoy, 52 size one diapers, and all baby essentials buried within the cake make this cake so perfect.

Thanks for looking.
For any information on any of the diaper cakes I display on this blog you can email me at calidelights@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

awww.... that is really a cute and perfect bear diaper cake. very impressive i must say.

Anonymous said...

I like this dog diaper cake. Very cute.

Michele said...

I love diaper cakes. I've never gotten one or seen one in person but from what I see and read online they are so awesome. Keep up the good work your site looks great.