Friday, June 20, 2008

Gifts for Mom-to-be

Diaper Cakes are always wonderful gifts to help mom-to-be prepare with those first few days with her tiny one. But most of the time family and friends drown the baby’s parents with all the great things a baby needs. But what if someone wanted to give a gift for the mom to enjoy?

Here are a few ideas for baby shower gifts that would be great for mom.

Spa Day – A gift certificate for a great massage or facial. Pregnancy can really have a toll on the body and face.

Majamas - Buy her a pretty gown or pajama for the hospital so she can look radiant after the baby’s delivery.

Diary - For mom who loves memorabilia, give her a calendar, journal, or diary to keep track of all those little kicks and hiccups she is experiencing. Years from now she will enjoy her thoughts and emotions.

Books - For the book worm, give her all types of books she can read and prepare herself for her big arrival.

Gift Certificate to a hair salon can be an excellent choice for a gift. When hormones kick into high gear, a pregnant women’s hair grows a lot faster then normal. And since chemical treatment is out of the question, the mom-to-be might find her self with an urgent need to do something to feel pretty. This could be a great gift for women who loves having their hair flawless at all times.

For the last months before the baby’s arrival, it gets difficult to keep up with chores. Maid Service from a reputable source can be a gift from heaven.

For the husbands, give her a great date. Take her for a nice dinner. Take advantage of the time alone you have. We all know after the baby there will be fewer chances to romance. If it’s your second, then you know this is a must do, since it will now be double duty with baby number two.

Family tree - There are these beautiful tree like decorations that you can put pictures of your family. Great way to display your family tree.

Trainer or gym membership - If the mom-to-be is into staying fit and seems to be on the down low in the last few days of her pregnancy because she feels she has lost control of her body, remind her she is beautiful and give her a gift of a personal trainer or the gym. This will help her stay motivated and she will know she has the help to be back into her jeans in 6 months.

Love - The one thing that would be the best gift for all moms-to-be is the support, help, consideration, and love from all the people that love her. Understand her mood swings, her forgetful ways due to the pregnancy, her clumsiness, and food cravings. Help with the baby’s arrives, especially for new moms, it can be completely overbearing. Encourage her to stay positive and cherish the moment.

Obviously from my blog, my area of passion is babies and diaper cakes. But moms-to-be sometimes need a little Rest and Relaxation too.


Karl Staib - Your Work Happiness Matters said...

My wife and I are trying to have a baby. She would love this site. I'll show it to her tonight.

Unique Gowns said...

Love your cakes :-) Great idea ! Good luck with your business Dana

Laura said...

Great ideas!! This helps with buying a perfect gift. Diaper cakes can be so beautiful.