Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cookie Monster Diaper Cake

One of my recent cakes gave me the privilege to use my favorite character from when I was a kid.
This next cake is a wonderful gift for someone who is Cookie Monster Crazy. With a touch of delicate baby blue decor the cake is wonderful for a center piece at any boy baby shower. Of the many characters I make I have noticed this one is the one most people love to see. Seems Cookie monster is every one's lovable buddy. Comments on a diaper cake I had done a few months back were all related to how cute cookie monster was along with his other two buddies. The picture of that particular one is found on the right rail of my blog. Its the one with Elmo on a floater at the top.

Details on the cookie monster diaper cake are:
One pair of booties
58 1 size diapers
One Plush Cookie Monster
baby powder size(1.5oz)
Shampoo (1.5oz)
Lotion (1.5oz)


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Janette said...

Great diaper cake its too cute!