Thursday, July 10, 2014

What to give your co-worker when they have a baby

So your co-worker that sits next to you or a couple of cubes down from you just announced that they are having a baby.  Hmmm your mind starts to race.  I dont really know what to get them for this new addition to the family  What if they wont find out the sex?  What if I dont get them what they want?

A perfect gift that will sure be a useful item and be a perfect decoration arrangement is a diaper cake.
A diaper cake can sit on their cube as an arrangement and would eventually go home to serve as one of the most needed essentials in the baby's first days of life.

A diaper cake has been considered the thing to have at baby showers but smaller version arrangements can always be perfect for the co-worker you might not feel you know well enough but would want to show you appreciation for their new joy.

Here is our latest one that just went out.  Obviously by the colors you can guess this one went to a baby girl. 

The average cost to a smaller diaper cake  would be $20 - $35 depending on the extras it carries.
 To see some of our arrangements available right now please go to:  Our Store
This is an affordable and beautiful gift to share, while showing your acknowledgement to their happiness. 

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