Monday, June 13, 2011

Diaper Cake Guinea Pig

TY latest line of adorable plushes brings you the Ballz. They are cute plush that are all shaped as balls. The next diaper cake chair I am displaying comes with "Speedy" of the Ty Beanie Ballz collection. Let the picture speak for its self on how adorable he is.

This diaper cake chair is perfect for the arrival of a baby girl. Speedy Guinea Pig sits tall displaying Disney baby girl booties and on large flower made of soft baby sponge. The structure of this beautiful gift is made of 16 size one Luvs diapers and one receiving blanket.

One of the things I love of the Ty Ballz is they each come with their own poem giving them a sense of uniqueness to each cuddly friend.

Speedy's Poem is on his tag and is as follows:
You'll only see a blur as I race on by No one can catch me So don't even try !

This would make a perfect gift for a hospital visit, a co-worker having a baby, a baby shower centerpiece, or a home visit to see a friend and her little one.

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Eve said...

This is very cute. I love the tys