Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Onesie Gift Arrangement

A baby shower with tea time in mind would be the perfect place for my next little baby gift arrangements. This idea came from a baby shower I attended a few months ago. The friend that was offering the celebration to the mommy, set up a perfect display of a sunny afternoon with close friends and served desserts and Tea or coffee for preference. I had to come up with an idea to help her out with the decor. So from there came the idea of the onesie dessert plates.

baby gift

Just like our very unique diaper chairs, these pieces are created all to be unique and cute. Diaper cakes are found very easily on a Google search, but what we try to do to stand out is consider the art behind every baby gift arrangement we create. Also keeping in mind what mommy needs for the baby.

The onesie plate gift arrangement comes with two newborn onesies as dessert delights, one small traveling shampoo bottle, one small reusable dessert plate, and one cute turtle showcasing the baby centerpiece.


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