Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cute Diaper Cakes on Etsy is a great place to look when you are looking for custom made items. Looking around the Internet its seems to be getting more and more recognition.

The diaper cakes I have mentioned recently can be found on You can look to the right of my blog and see a peek at what I have on my Etsy store.

Winnie the Pooh and my previous Cookie Monster blue diaper cake are displayed there.
Winnie the Pooh is perfect for both genders and Cookie Monster is perfect for the arrival of any little baby boy.

Ebay is the first thought you have when selling but if you want to be more selective of where you sell and if your items are handmade you might want to look into Or if you are buyer who just loves novelties and custom made items, this might be the place for you as well.


Hot Topic said...

thank you, visit u here and have a great day :-)

Anonymous said...

Your cakes are very unique looking. Thanks for sharing.

Veronica said...

Very cute diaper cakes. You seem to put alot of detail into them.