Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diapers Diapers Diapers

One of the biggest questions that newly parents may have is, what is the cost of having a new baby in the house. What new expenses will they have to deal with and is their budget in place for it. For anyone wondering the average expense for diapers alone, I gather a few fun facts that might be interesting to know.
  • In the first year of a baby's life, the parents will spend an average of 560.00 on diapers.
  • A baby can use about 2788 diapers in one year.
  • The average cost for raising a child from birth to 18 is between 125,000 - 250,000. (That is not including college).
  • In the baby's first year a couple can spend roughly 9,000 - 11,000 in all baby essentials such as formula, clothing, diaper, etc.
  • Even though this is a case of every individual, the average toddler leaves the diapers any where between 2.75 to 3.5 years of age.


Marina Kamen aka MARINA said...

so much fun

Jessie said...

We spent a fortune on diapers. What you do learn is you dont always have to use the more expensive brands to get good quality. Sometimes you only paying for the name.